HM - Organic Orange Vinegar 蜂神有機柳橙醋 (388ml/btl)
HM - Organic Orange Vinegar 蜂神有機柳橙醋 (388ml/btl) Honey,Vineger & Juice Perak, Malaysia, Taiping Supplier, Suppliers, Supply, Supplies | BNC Health Sdn Bhd
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In a modern diet they are valued not only as preserves for the winter but also as all year round source of delicate flavor and as a complement to dishes. Since they are preserved with natural substances and low in calories, thus they are healthy natural food without additives.
Nutrients in oranges are plentiful and diverse. This fruit is low in calories and rich in dietary fiber. Oranges are also an excellent source of vitamin C.
Organic vinegar, orange, honey
  • Relieve cough and reduce sputum
  • Enhance metabolism
  • Anti-allergic
  • Prevent arteriosclerosis
  • Reduce cholesterol
Usage Instruction
Pour into cup about 1:6 of iced or warm water and serve.

Contains Fiber , Vitamin A, B, C, Magnesium, Sodium etc, can significantly increase HDL levels and improve the LDL-HDL ratio of a person, helps maintain electrolyte balance in the cells and also aids the maintenance of a healthy cardiovascular system, solve defecation problem and whitening essence.
蜂神有機柳橙醋,營養成份含有豐富的膳食纖維,維生素 A、B、C、磷、蘋果酸等,能夠明顯的抗氧化,將好的膽固醇提高,壞的膽固醇減少,增強免疫系統,抑制癌細胞生長,可幫助排便,也可以美白。

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