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佳營健康有限公司成立於 2010 年,傳承於奈子有限公司。
 BNC Health Sdn Bhd佳營健康有限公司是一家有機食品、純天然健康食品、營養保健品的供應商。成立於2010 年,BNC推動健康飲食概念,以基礎飲食,搭配功能性食品打造自我健康,应用自然療法輔佐人體處弱狀態,促進大眾身心靈健康為使命。公司經營邁入十年,結合了本國及國際資深專業人士,將豐富健康知識及經驗貢獻社會,協助廣大多元族群建構健康、預防慢性病變的生活習慣及飲食。佳營健康有限公司邁入下一個十年,將以“最佳营养概念”作为公司核心理念及发展的方向,持續在健康產業推广天然、有机的健康营养品。



BNC Health Sdn Bhd is a legacy of Naizi Sdn Bhd was founded in 2010.
BNC Health Sdn Bhd is a supplier of organic foods, pure natural health products, and nutritional supplements. Established in 2010, BNC promotes the concept of healthy eating, combining basic nutrition with functional foods to promote self-health and support natural therapy to assist the body in its weakened states, ultimately promoting physical and mental well-being for the general public as its mission. As the company enters its tenth year of operation, it has brought together experienced professionals from both the local and international health industry to contribute their rich knowledge and experience to society, helping diverse communities build healthy habits and dietary practices to prevent chronic diseases.
In the next decade, BNC Health Sdn Bhd will continue to focus on the ''Best Nutrition Concept'' as its core philosophy and direction for development, continuously promoting natural and organic health and nutritional products in the health industry.
The company has accumulated ten years of experience and rigorously adheres to its strict criteria and principles for the development, agency, import, export, and sale of health-related products. From the source, origin, raw materials, processing, packaging, transportation, inspection, and experiments, BNC has established a comprehensive and strict quality control mechanism.
BNC understands that the key to health lies in meeting the body's basic nutritional needs in a way that is natural, toxin-free, easy to digest, and absorbable. We manufacture or select products that best align with the most effective way for the body to achieve health. The range of products we offer includes organic foods, pure natural health foods, and nutritional supplements. In addition to providing health and nutritional products to the general public, professionals, and nationwide channels, we actively engage in continuous self-learning and organize health education activities for the public. These activities include health lectures, healthy cooking classes, and nutritional counseling.
Furthermore, we offer services such as personal health consultations and dietary guidance to enhance individuals' overall health and achieve vibrant and energetic live.

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