Prebiotics High Fiber Soy Milk 益生高纤大豆奶
Prebiotics High Fiber Soy Milk 益生高纤大豆奶 健康饮品 Perak, Malaysia, Taiping Supplier, Suppliers, Supply, Supplies | BNC Health Sdn Bhd
RM 43.00
700 g

Prebiotics High Fiber Soy Milk
maintains its original fiber from the soybean and hence contains 4 times higher original fiber than ordinary refined soymilk products. The high fiber derived from its natural origin coupled with high quality prebiotics inevitably promotes a healthy digestive system. Soy bean is a natural power house for several essential nutrients such as iron, zinc and vitamin Bs. It also contains powerful antioxidant, isoflavones that safeguard our health from free radicals damages. The soy protein has been rated a score of 1, the highest score in the PDCAAS rating.

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