Organic baby cereal 400g
Organic baby cereal 400g Baby Food FOOD Perak, Malaysia, Taiping Supplier, Suppliers, Supply, Supplies | BNC Health Sdn Bhd Organic baby cereal 400g有机宝宝营养餐 Organic baby cereal 400g有机宝宝营养餐 Organic baby cereal 400g有机宝宝营养餐
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400 g
Product Description
The first solid food for babies is baby cereal. For this, PlantBio has made an strong effort to research in this area, and successfully developed a 100% plant based nutritious

organic baby cereal – Delireal.
NO flavors be it natural or synthetics
NO creamer
NO refine sugar
NO salt
NO preservatives.

Delireal also does not contain high allergy ingredients like dairy products, or gluten.

As we are always concerned about the importance of the intake of natural and organic foods, hence Delireal is strictly free from unnecessary additives.

Ingredients: Organic millet powder, organic quinoa powder, organic brown rice powder, organic soy powder, natural seaweed powder, organic molasses, FOS, organic flaxseed powder, plant-base DHA, ARA. (Organic Ingredient: 98.3%)

Preparation Instruction: 1) Put 1 scoop (10gm) of Delireal into a bowl.
2) Slowly ass in warm water and stir until it is mushy.
3) Nash any small lumps formed during preparation completely.
4) Make sure the temperature of the cereal is suitable for your child.
5) Serve to your child immediately.
6) Do not keep or leftover for late consumption.
7) Servingsize and frequency may be increased according to your child’s appetite.

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